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Friday, 3 April 2009

On a MUCH lighter note.....

This is a pseudo- naughty post...

It's just about the joys of having sex toys and how a rampant rabbit has replaced my hubby (for most of the time) AND any desire for another man... I hear it is classified under the sin of masturbation by some- but I think I will be more willing to defend masturbation than adultery on judgement day.

I am and have always been a sensual person, I lost my virginity at 19, to a guy who made sex feel like the worst chore that ever existed. I would have really nice and naughty dreams but when it came to the real thing - &^%&^£&$, words escape me. Bottom line is - he was just a selfish bastard.

He was my first boyfriend from when I was 17 and also my first love. After 2 years of telling me he would wait until we got married, he finally kinda pressured me into 'doing it' (to be truthful and fair, I was also quite curious and smitten at the time) and to say I was disappointed, is a major understatement, teehee- not that I knew any better o.

We eventually broke up when I was 21- because a very close male family friend of mine told me that a girl is also supposed to enjoy sex and then asked me to imagine sleeping with this dude for the rest of my life (seriously, at that point, he wanted us to get married, I was 21). So, I broke it off with him and I know I would have been in an even more miserable marriage than I am, if I had married him.

This same close male friend of mine introduced me to my first ever vibrator (by buying it, cos I was too embarrassed to be seen in Ann Summers) and looking back now- I think he was just trying to get into my knickers (cos he ought to have been embarrassed too) - ha ha!! And so I built up a nice collection of toys as the years went by.

When I started dating the man who I am now married to, as soon as I showed him my toy collection, he made me get rid of them- he said he couldn't compete with non living objects. This was sort of our deal that we would never leave it long enough for me to even miss my toys.. and that was the case until NBFgate! So, about 3 years ago- on one of our 'separate' together holidays- I went crazy on toy shopping- I visited 3 European cities on that trip and in each city visited their best toy shops. Thank goodness when you're leaving Europe, they don't search your suitcases manually like in Nig!! Now every 6- 9 months, I get bored and dump my collection for a new one..

Anyway, the reason that I am going on and on today is because yesterday, after a few glasses of wine with my best friend, who came visiting, I finally got round to feeling like using the newest Spanish one from my Valentine's weekend alone. As we still share a room (I think after last night, he'll finally concede to my request to sleep in the adjoining room), I shocked myself by using it when I thot he was asleep ( seriously, he usually is a VERY deep sleeper).... and ended up waking him up and when I came out of the loo, he was sitting up and proceeded to give me this really really sad and wistful look and when I got back into bed, made a half - hearted attempt to try to grope me...

LOL- my response was 'honey, I just had a really good orgasm... go back to your dreams- whatever they were...sorry i woke you up'.. his response..nada, but we didn't expect much back, did we? :-)...

You clearly can tell I'm in a very good mood today.. it's one of those days that I wish wouldn't end!! Although, I feel like this post is TMI (too much info), I'm gonna post it anyway.. might put you in a good mood too xoxo


  1. *mouth hangin open*

    Ouch @ him hearin u cum.....musta hurt.....


  2. WOW
    I wonder if u can use that "wistful" look. At lease he is not completely unaffected. I dunno!

  3. Nice to know u r in a really good mood.....

  4. lol..its good that u r in such a good mood..

    poor him..lol..i guess u did what u had to do..

  5. hehheheee...u really are in good mood oh!

    the wonders of release eh?

    ...u think its TMI? *beats chest bravely* we have been through even more revealin info up here on blogville...

    keep the good mood going k?

  6. I think you shouldn't completely lock him out of your heart but then only you really knows what the main issue is....

  7. Haha!!! You naughty woman!!!

    Happy easter luvie and here is wishing you many more good moods inspired by a wonderful orgasm.

  8. Dang you blog has me shaking my head. Because there are moment of desperation that hit me, and i want to be married. It is crazy, i have never considered marrying for money, but i always sit back and think if i can stomach a lot of things that go on in marriage, some pple have no regards for others.
    I am 27, i am considering a rabbit, but i am afraid once i try one, i might rule out men completely. lol.
    Thanks for sharing ur story. and happy easter.

  9. I'm just glad you're taking care of yourself. I wouldn't just use them when he's sleeping. I'd masturbate right in front of him.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter. And you're still in a good mood.

  10. oh oh- can't believe I've been gone for 10 whole days! the gist is coming soon. but first-
    @ Qube- lol @ mouth hanging open- was he hurt hearing me- doubt it! maybe just shocked at the effontery and pitying me...

    @ Temite- I can use the wistful look, no dubt- BUT I decide when!
    @ Jayla- thank you
    @ Buttercup- Poor him ke? lol, sure did what I had to! Hope you had a lovely Easter!
    @ Sleekiest- lol, it really was a nice one!!
    @ Chari- yes, was worried it was TMI- was a bit shy
    @ Afrobabe- he isn't locked out....not completely at least!
    @ Tigress- Thank you hope you had a good Easter!
    @ Nice Anon- Easter- was good-ish.. watch out for the next post!
    @ Phoenix- I know, reading this post has actually calmed me down from a hyperventilative day and break-
    @ Anon- pls don't ge married put of desperation. you will only end up frustrated and desperate 'again' to get out! lol- get your rabbit, babes- not depending on a man- is a great feeling! Hope you had a fun easter

    @ SexKitten- LOL!! I'm too shy to do that... lol- Easter was Easter.. and yes, somehow thru it all- I am back in a good mood!