I should never have got married. Now I have no Soul!

Thursday, 19 March 2009

My First Post!

Dear Blogville,

I have to say, I have been a blog reader for over 3 years now and although I really enjoyed reading blogs, I never saw myself as a blogger. I had no idea how to go about it, I have soo much to say and having recently become a "pseudo- agony aunt" to many many young and middle -aged married ladies... I find myself wondering if REALLY I've got the answer to it all!

I'll tell you this- I have the perfect marriage - at least that's how it looks on the outside- if only it was not so rotten on the inside.... its dead, decayed and appalling but in the spirit of keeping up appearances- not many people can tell. I am a master of my game. This is why many people come to me- saying they wish they had my life, my marriage and want my advice..
They think my hubby and I are soo romantic, oh just last valentine's day- they gushed in awe because we were going to Paris for the weekend- little did they know- my hubby spent the weekend in London and I in Madrid- we flew out together and flew back together- only separating and meeting at London heathrow... no questions asked, no comments made. we were back... from a lovely romantic weekend and as usual, I just smiled and smiled at all the 'You're so lucky' comments.....hmmmmm!!

How did things get this bad? How did we get here? How do you explain after being married for 10 years having dating for 2.5years prior to marriage that things are non existent? How do you tell people that it is all a lie? All they see is the posh area of town you live in, the nice cars you drive, the pictures of you and hubby, the beautiful kids and the in laws... I love my children but one thing is for sure..... I never should have gotten married! How can my life be so bland at 35??I resent marriage and stay with me, I'll tell you why soon.

My next post will be about 'Tanya' (not her real name) who came last week with her issues and seeking advice..maybe you can help too!! Being an agony aunt (who is in 'secret' agony herself) ain't easy!!

And that's my entrance to blogville.. See you soon!!


  1. Your very first comment!!!
    Welcome hun!
    I see i will enjoy your blog...,my ears are itching for gist already.

    I am constantly surrounded my married pple and when i tell other young girl that i am not ready for marriage they all start to halla and rake about me not being serious.
    They do not realise how much hard work it is...sigh.

  2. lol @ wisteria lane...,yea had a lil issue i had to straighten out but i changed my name but im still tryin to get my thoughts together and write a post.
    It will take more than an asshole man to get me to leave my blogsville aka wisteria lane...,

  3. Welcome! Welcome!!

    So you got a story to tell then..? Blogville will love ya'

    We love people with stories.. and hopefully some of the stuff we learn from you will inspire us..

    You & the hubby really did that over Vals? Damn..!

  4. Welcome! I look forward to reading your stories...

    I have my doubts about marriage.

    I've been divorced for thirteen years, and still have no desire to get back into it any time soon.

  5. Thanks for deciding to share your story with us on blogsville, i'm sure we'll learn a thing or two frm u, esp singles girls like me. Itching to hear more of your stories.

  6. Thanks guys
    @ Phoenix- I am soo glad you're staying on Wisteria lane, under a new guise!! U can tell that this is the beginning of a very nice friendship.
    @ Roc- yes we did!! We are really good at keeping up appearances- stay tuned, there's lots to tell!!
    @ sexwriter- good on you for getting divorced, its the strong ones who leave- we that stay and pretend are much weaker!
    @Pink lips- please listen hard and listen well!! You need to get it right the first time

  7. And what an entrance it is..

    welcome to blogville....hope you find healing here...

  8. oh my gosh....una welcome oh. cant wait to hear all about it.

  9. @ Afrobabe- many thanks.... I hope so too!

    @ Temite- stay tuned. thanks for dropping in

  10. Got here with the strict directions of Phoenix..hmmnn wow the story you have to tell is certainly very profound....how are you able to constantly keep it up?

  11. awww..wow..im so sorry ur marriage isnt what it appears to be..i really do hope it'll get better..

    welcome to blogville.. :)

  12. @ Chari- thanks for dropping in- how do I keep it up?- this will unravel within this blog... one thing I've got to say however, is that it is TIRING!!

    @ Buttercup- Thanks a lot.. I am so sorry about my marriage too... I hope that blogville will at least give me much needed distraction from my worries..

  13. Wow. I'm so sorry to hear all of these. I will be visiting very often.

  14. welcome oo. I am sorry to hear what you are going through.
    you said you know for sure you shouldnt have got married....you mean ever ever?

  15. @ nice anon- many thanks - hope you do visit often..

    @ Jaguda- thank you

    @ naijagirl- Yes, I mean ever ever.... knowing now what I know about marriage- mine and others....

  16. hmmm will read but won't comment till I get the full picture

  17. i think im the last person on earth to find out about ur blog!!!welcome tho!

  18. Pheonix directed me here. I know it's kinda late but welcome to blogsville. :) Will be following ur blog.

  19. Wow you what you described sounded like a good work of fiction.

    I can't imagine how you live it in reality.

    You are very welcome and I pray not only the readers but that somehow someway you will also benefit from this blog.

    It is well